Past Presidents

The list below documents past presidents from 1953 to the present day

1953 to 1968 JD King Life Member
1969 G Franklin Coventry
1970 Mrs J Arnold Godiva Ladies
1971 J Arnfield Nuneaton
1972 J Price Rugby
1973 G Hunt Leamington
1974 TG Thomas Three Spires
1975 J McBroom Morris Motors
1976 E Bates Chrysler
1977 C Hunter Coventry Works Sports Assn
1978 Mrs G Jakeman Bedworth
1979 Mrs C Bates Bedworth Otters
1980 Mrs M Bates Coventry House
1981 Mrs V Barnacle Godiva House
1982 Mrs M Baxter Nuneaton
1983 W Aston Life Member
1984 Mrs P Davies Rugby
1985 K Dorsett Leamington
1986 Mrs H Preece Three Spires
1987 D Parker Coventry Morris
1988 Mrs J Hunter CWSA
1989 D White Stratford
1990 J Bacon Bedworth Otters
1991 Mrs G Holtom City of Coventry
1992 Mrs J Stubbs Nuneaton
1993 AF Davis Avon Neptune
1994 M Tweed Rugby
1995 K Dorsett Leamington
1996 D White Stratford
1997 K Brown Bedworth Otters Alliance
1998 Mrs S Stow Southam
1999 D Holtom City of Coventry
2000 Mrs D Reynolds Nuneaton
2001 Mrs M Brown Avon Neptune
2002 Mrs S Stow Rugby
2003 I Carden Leamington
2004 M Wardle Stratford Sharks
2005 B Davies Southam
2006 M George Kingsbury Aquarius
2007 J Wilkes Solihull
2008 C Rollins Rugby
2009 J Hughes City of Coventry
2010 Mrs D Reynolds Nuneaton
2011 Mrs J Welsh Leamington
2012 D Wright Stratford
2013 M Jenkins Kingsbury 
2014 J Wilkes Solihull
2015 R Smith Rugby
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