About Tomson Trust

Albert Samuel Tomson was born in 1833 in Radford.  He was married twice, firstly to a Singing Professor called Elizabeth and  after she died he married Esther who was the widow of his next door neighbour.  I cannot find any children.  He died on 6th October 1904

He was Mayor of Coventry 8 times in the 1890’s and just after the turn of the century , and in his will he left £3000 for a trust fund to “apply the income to the encouragement by prizes, scholarships, entertainment and other means to students of the Technical Institute and the School of Art respectively and in the City of Coventry for the promotion and enjoyment of the physical education.”

In the 1930’s the trust gave a donation towards the new Coventry Technical College at the Butts.

When the Trustees applied for charitable status in 1963 the income was around £110 per annum. It said that for many years the Trust promoted swimming galas, but now it could not afford it and the cups were swum for in galas as arranged by the local authorities.

When I became secretary in 1977 the races were run by us during our championships, but the cups were still checked each year by Browett’s.  Mr Browett, solicitor was one of the original trustees.  Eventually we assumed control of holding the trophies.

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